Chris Brown turns 26 today, and while he’s got plenty to celebrate, his name is in the headlines for a new assault case as of yesterday. Over the years, Brown’s had a rocky road as a celebrity and continues to get himself into trouble.

While he may be as common a feature in court rooms as he is on stage, Brown’s career still has plenty of fuel left. Take a look at some of the biggest moments in his more than decade-long career below.

1. Chris Brown, T-Pain & Akon In 2005

T-Pain, Akon, & Chris Brown Source:Getty

2. Chris Brown – “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)”

Even with just his first album Brown proved he could churn out hit after hit.

3. Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne – “Gimme That (Remix)”

And another one. By the way, dude can dance.

4. Chris Brown’s Journey

A reminder of his teen-Pop roots, Brown released a DVD of his success shortly after the release of his first album. Here he is travelling through England and Japan ahead of his first trip to the Grammy’s.

5. Chris Brown on “The O.C.”

Chris Brown the…geek? In 2007 Brown appeared in “The O.C.” in his first-ever acting role. Kind of a rough start.

6. Chris Brown Turns 18

Chris Brown's 18th Brithday Source:Getty

Here’s Brown with his mother on his 18th birthday.

7. Rihanna feat. Jay Z & Chris Brown – “Umbrella (Remix)”

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s still-mum relationship bled into the recording booth in 2007 with Breezy remixing RiRi’s “Umbrella.” By this point the two were obviously a couple.

8. Chris Brown – “Wall To Wall”

Shooting up the charts for a second time, Brown released his sophomore album, “Exclusive,” in 2007. The lead single’s video, “Wall To Wall” featured more elaborate choreography and a goth vibe.

9. Chris Brown feat. T-Pain – “Kiss Kiss”

Back when T-Pain could do no wrong Chris Brown enlisted him for what would become his second #1 single, 2008’s “Kiss Kiss.”

10. Chris Brown Appears In “This Christmas”

Keeping his acting dreams alive, Brown appeared in the family-friendly drama “This Christmas” and sang a Donny Hathaway song for the film’s lead number of the same name.

11. Ludacris feat. Chris Brown and Sean Garrett – “What Them Girls Like”

Increasingly in-demand as a hook-singer, here’s Brown back in 2008 on a summer hit from Ludacris.

12. Chris Brown & Rihanna In 2009

Rihanna and Chris Brown at Salute To Icons: Clive Davis event for 2009 Grammys Source:Getty

Here’s the A-list couple at a pre-Grammy event in 2009 not long before the domestic violence incident that shook up both stars’ careers and forever tainted Brown’s reputation.

13. Chris Brown In Court For Assaulting Rihanna

Chris Brown Court Appearance Source:Getty

Brown turned himself in for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in February of 2009. Here he is at a hearing about the case. The next month he’d be charged for felony assault and sentenced to counseling, five years probation, and more.

14. Chris Brown – “Crawl”

The second single from Brown’s third album, “Graffiti.”

15. Chris Brown At Summer Jam In 2011

Hot 97 Summer Jam 2011 Source:Getty

16. Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Start Dating

Chris Brown Celebrates His Birthday At 1 OAK Nightclub At The Mirage Source:Getty

Chris Brown’s rocky relationship with Karrueche Tran begins in 2011.

17. Chris Brown Wins A Grammy For “F.A.M.E.”

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience Source:Getty

Chris Brown wins a Grammy for his album “F.A.M.E.” in 2012.

18. Chris Brown’s Rihanna/Karrueche Tran Love Triangle

Brown fuels rumors about being in a love triangle with Rihanna and Karrueche Tran in a short documentary called “The Real Chris Brown.”

19. Chris Brown Releases “Fortune”

Here’s the electropop heavy “Turn Up The Music” from Brown’s fifth album, “Fortune.”

20. Breezy Vs. Drizzy

Drake and Chris Brown at Greenhouse in NYC Source:Getty

In 2012 Chris Brown and Drake get into a scuffle that builds into a short-lived but public beef.

21. Chris Brown And Rihanna, Together Again?

New York Knicks v Los Angeles Lakers Source:Getty

The embattled couple appeared in public side-by-side a couple years after the domestic violence incident put their relationship on blast. Here they are in 2012 at a basketball game raising eyebrows.

22. Chris Brown Arrested For Another Felony Assault, Enters Rehab

Chris Brown Court Date Source:Getty

A man claims he was assaulted by Brown and the singer’s body guard in late 2013 after he tried to take a picture with the star. Days later he voluntarily enters a rehab facility.

23. Chris Brown Gets Booted From Rehab

'BET AWARDS' 14 - Show Source:Getty

Brown gets removed from a rehab program for acting violently and then enters a court-mandated anger management facility.

24. Chris Brown Apologizes To Rihanna, Says “It Was My Biggest Mistake”

Chris Brown Court Appearance Source:Getty

“That night was the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake,” Brown said after being seen with Rihanna again in 2013. “But she loves me – what can I say? I’m forgiven… but, yes, I worked hard for it.”

25. Chris Brown Speaks On Rihanna Assault Again

Four years after the incident, Brown continued to apologize for his violence against Rihanna and says he’s a changed man.

26. Chris Brown And Drake Back On Good Terms

Brown makes a cameo in an ESPY skit hosted by Drake, officially putting an end to their rumored beef.

27. Chris Brown Serves Time, Released Early

Chris Brown Court Appearance Source:Getty

After being ordered to serve jail time after leaving rehab early, Brown is given an early release due to overcrowding in California jails.

28. Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga – “Loyal”

Doing his best to get back on track, Chris Brown releases his sixth album, “X,” in September of 2014. “Loyal” quickly becomes one of the biggest hits of his career.

29. Chris Brown & Tyga Team Up For A Full Length

Released in February, Chris Brown and Tyga followed up their previous collaborations with a full joint album called “Fan of a Fan.”

30. Chris Brown Gets Done Up For iHeartMusic Awards

Chris Brown Source:Getty

31. Chris Brown Suspected Of Another Assault

NYLON Midnight Garden Party Source:Getty

Just yesterday (May 4) police announced that they want to speak with Brown about an alleged assault he carried out during a late-night basketball game earlier this week.

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