Chris Brown has had tons of hits since 2005, but there are even more unreleased tracks that never made the albums that are just as good. Take a look at 10 of his unreleased tracks.

1. “Fools With You”

“You’re my heart, girl.” This unreleased Chris Brown song shows the R&B bad boy’s soft side. He’s got it bad for this girl, and the sturdy beat echoes the pounding of his heart.

2. “Thinking Out Loud”

On this Jiroca-produced tune, Breezy declares, “I’m in the mood, shorty / you turn me on.” Lyrically, it’s not all that special, but the thrusting synth riff gets you grooving, and the Virginia multi-threat (read into that what you will) gets his freak on as well as he ever does.

3. “Diagnosed With Love”

The opening piano riff is like something out of a hospital melodrama. “Doctor … what’s the prognosis?” “I’m afraid our boy’s been ‘Diagnosed With Love.’” That dialogue doesn’t show up in this unreleased Chris Brown song, but it might as well. Boys II Men might have sung this in the ‘90s, but only if they were hard up for material.

4. “Sweat”

This 2009 unreleased Chris Brown song is pretty risqué, but that’s Breezy for you. On the hook, dude sings about getting naked and making the object of his affections scream his name. Is there a better job than R&B loverman?

5. “Hallow”

“Go ‘head and cuss me out / girl I understand / I’ma stay here and take it like a man.” This is one of those apologetic Chris Brown songs, and indeed, Breezy has much to say, “I’m sorry” for.

6. “Fatal Attraction”

With this unreleased Chris Brown song, the R&B star takes the bold step of referencing a movie about obsessive love. As we all know, he’s had some issues with that very subject in his personal life, but this slinky, bass-heavy banger is good enough to make you forget all the Rihanna drama, if only for a second.

7. “I Needed You”

Breezy gets vulnerable once again on this cut. “There were days I wondered if you really love me.” This one was uploaded to YouTube in 2008, before the domestic violence incident with Rihanna, so it’s one of those rare Chris Brown unreleased songs that isn’t loaded with baggage from that highly publicized altercation.

8. “M.I.A.”

“Could it be she’s with the other dude?” Breezy’s feeling suspicious on this tune, but he keeps it pretty smooth. “You can’t hide / you know I’m right behind you, girl.” Knowing what we know about Chris Brown, that line is a little sinister…

9. “Love Rocket”

The Auto-Tune gives this one a futuristic feel, as if Breezy has blasted off into the cosmos and established the freakiest space station in the universe. They say in space, no one can hear you scream, so let’s hope Chris Brown has truly reformed and gotten a handle on his temper.