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The Joe Budden Podcast and what appears to be a big shakeup of its original format has dominated the timeline since the news of the turmoil broke. While host Joe Budden has his detractors, former(?) co-hosts Rory and Mal attracted the ire of DJ Akademiks in recent times and the media personality promises an epic Twitch session Wednesday (May 12) to address things.

For fans of the podcast, they’re well aware that Akademiks is no fan of Rory Farrell and Jamil “Mal” Clay, and the three have exchanged words via their respective platforms. For Ak, it appeared that any hint of issue or turbulence on the podcast was an opening he took to take shots at Rory and Mal, which includes a mispronunciation of Rory’s name to “Roory” that has taken hold in Ak’s lexicon.

Ak previously invited Rory and Mal to new jobs in a disrespectful manner, continuing his track of stepping towards them at any chance he gets. With the news of Rory’s firing at the hands of Budden today, Ak turned all the way up and said that his Twitch stream this afternoon will be full of the hits. He’s also been quite active on Twitter offering running commentary as the lead-up to today’s anticipated Twitch stream event.

For those keeping tabs, The Joe Budden Podcast is apparently still a thing with Parks Vallely, Screenman aka Alex, and Savon the Don still in tow. Episode 437 of the show where all the beer was brewed was up for streaming earlier today but was taken down and added to Budden’s exclusive Patreon channel.

It doesn’t appear that Mal or Rory are particularly phased by all of this according to their social media channels. But all eyes will be on Ak’s Twitch at 3 PM ET today to hear what shenanigans unfold. Peep the reaction from Twitter below.

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