Let’s be honest. Mannie Fresh is one of the greatest minds in the history of rap producers. He’s helped shape the genre’s sound with an array of hits. So, picking the producer’s most hypnotic beats is always going to shortchange him.

You simply cannot list his best beats because you’ll almost always miss a few of his greatest efforts. But we did our best to gather 13 of his most impressive beats in honor of the producer’s birthday.

Here’s a look at why Mannie Fresh is one of the greatest producers in the history of hip-hop and a look at how he’s changed the game.


1. “Back That Azz Up” Juvenile

This might be the beat that strengthened Cash Money’s foundation, yeah. And it’ll still rock any party you throw, yeah.

2. “Ha” Juvenile

The bounce is still hypnotic, ha? Those beat switches are still fresh, ha? This helped us see Mannie’s genius, ha?

3. “Bounce Back” Juvenile

The vocal sample helped Juvie bounce back and the beat had Mannie’s signature bounce.

4. “Top Back” T.I.

Every king needs a royal soundtrack. Mannie provided Tip with a beat fit for The King.

5. “And Then What” Young Jeezy

How do you not clap to this? Impossible.

6. “Connected For Life” Mack 10 Ft. Ice Cube, WC, Butch Cassidy

Mannie Fresh was able to convey the West Coast sound better than a lot of producers who grew up out there.


Go Mannie. “Mannie Fresh. That’s my DJ.” – Lil Wayne

8. “Real Big” Mannie Fresh

If you ever want to celebrate anything in your life, play this song.

9. “Still Fly” Big Tymers

How do you make the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song cool? Sing it over this Mannie Fresh beat.

10. Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) & Mannie Fresh – Black Jesus

Mannie and Yasiin take you to church.

11. “Tha Block Is Hot” Lil Wayne

The beat was hot, too.

12. Birdman – Number One Stunna Feat Lil Wayne Turk And Juvenile

It’s almost as if the beat twinkles and glistens.