1. Just Blaze

Everyone wants to know what it’s like for a day in the life of a super producer, right? For Just Blaze it’s filled with skateboarding, storytelling and superhero geekdom — and we love it.

2. @phontigallo

Phonte of The Foreign Exchange will give your timeline much needed variety and random thoughts it probably needs.

3. @ElliottWilson

If you’re not where you think you should be, don’t worry. Rap Radar’s founder Elliott Wilson is there for you, from front row, retweeting and reposting from hip-hop’s finest.

4. @JuliaBeverly

If you were ever looking for a behind-the-scenes look to the music business, Julia Beverly is your go-to.

5. @analoglady

Marketing specialist by day, vinyl collector at night, Tasha Mitchell’s timeline is the best if you’re looking for random clips and nostalgia of hip-hop’s past.

6. @Combat_Jack

Lawyer-turned-podcaster Reggie Osse snags all of the best interviews on the Combat Jack Show. And on Twitter he brings you all of that plus current events, entertainment, and the state of being black today.

7. @MrChuckD

Public Enemy OG Chuck D is hip-hop’s voice of reason, and he will give you another outlook to the state of the genre that will make you think twice.

8. @jeangreasy

Jean Grae provides the perfect balance of promoting her work and just being herself. It comes off as sincere, honest, and funny.

9. @questlove

The Roots drummer ?uestlove offers up music knowledge and humor anyone can enjoy.

10. @NPRHipHop

Don’t sleep on NPR! Microphone Check is your stop for EVERYTHING hip-hop. With weekly chats and contests for access shows, they engage with their followers endlessly. Plus, their exclusive interviews are worth checking out.

11. @evboogie

Looking at his timeline is literally opening up a time capsule that was buried in the apartment building Kool Herc used to DJ at. You’ll instantly remember where you were at whenever he tweets about what happened on a particular date. Trust me, it’s impossible not to.

12. @missinfo

The Hot 97 vet rarely strays from breaking news — and trust, she breaks tons — but when she does, it’s worth a look.

13. @fatbellybella

How can you not love Erykah Badu? She engages with her fans completely and drops knowledge daily.

14. @PaulCantor

Cantor is a writer and producer who frequently provides commentary on music with a wry twist.