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President Donald Trump found himself on the receiving end of criticism from his Democratic Party opposition as leaders held a meeting in the White House Wednesday (October 16). In a heated exchange where the Orange Overlord of Chaos insulted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an image of the politician literally standing up to the president has become the talk of Washington and beyond.

Speaker Pelosi, flanked by House Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer, and House Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, the meeting was held to address the decision by Congress by way of a bipartisan effort to examine the president’s decisions regarding Syria.

Hoyer, speaking with the press after the meeting, detailed that the White House would try to spin it by saying Democrat leaders stormed out of the meeting, adding that it was Trump’s blatant disrespect for the Speaker that led to their self-dismissal. And sure enough, Trump did that via Twitter as seen below.

Pelosi, unfazed, used that same image Trump attempted to use to year her down and made it the header of her Twitter account, mocking the president’s childish attempt to bait her side into a petty war of words. According to MSNBC show host Lawrence O’Donnell, Pelosi’s words towards the president at that moment were “[A]ll road with you lead to Putin” which O’Donnell shared in his Wednesday evening broadcast.

A hashtag, #PelosiOwnsTrump, cropped up in the wake of the photo going live and Twitter did its thing with the hilarious responses. Check some of our faves below.

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