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Social media loves a good mess to dissect. Case in point, Pardison Fontaine is currently persona non grata after Meg Thee Stallion graphically outed how he cheated on her via her new song, “Cobra.”

While Pardi is absolutely getting cooked on the Internets, investigators (that would be social media users) have determined the woman that was allegedly blessing Pardi with oral sex, in Meg’s home no less, is Jada Kingdom, a Jamaican model and singer.

However, she is denying any such claim. “i know it’s gonna drive y’all crazy to not have someone specific to terrorize for y’all president but it wasn’t me,” she wrote on her IG Stories. It’s also unconfirmed if she is currently in a relationship with Pardi.

Nevertheless, a lie travels much further than the truth—while many just ain’t convinced.

Who Is Jada Kingdom?

For those who case, she’s apparently a model, which can basically mean anything these days—no shade. She was apparently born in Jamaica and is a legit singer, though she might be more well known for appearing in Sean Kingston’s “One Way” video.

Pardi You Had One Job

But anyway, for now, Jada is trending because of her alleged shenanigans with Pardi while he was supposed to be committed to Meg Thee Stallion. The voluptuous model is also getting cooked on X, formerly known as Twitter, while getting thirsted over because, X users be horny. As was Pardi, allegedly. But Jada is also getting dragged because she seems to be a Tory Lanez supporter, too.

Peep the reactions in the gallery.

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