Kevin Hart, Ludacris, Nelly & their entourage of girlfriends and friends brought in 2014 at the Hennessy V.S and AG Entertainment NYE event at Compound in Atlanta. Kevin Hart and Ludacris were dressed to kill in classic black tuxedos. Their girlfriends Eudoxie and Enicko Parrish were just as stylish in almost matching black gowns with see-thru paneling. The couples smoked cigars and enjoyed Hennessy V.S cocktails alongside the newly engaged Keshia Knight-Pulliam and Big Tigger.
Hennessy V.S also threw a NYE bash at Atlanta hotspot, Velvet Room hosted by Meek Mill. Mill brought in the new year performing three of his signature records to the crowd including, “Levels”, “Dreams & Nightmares” and “I’m A Boss.”

1. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart popping a 20k bottle of Moet Nectar Imperial Rose Leopard Limited Edition bottle at his New Years Eve celebration at Compound in Atlanta.

2. Kevin Hart

Poses with his Moet Nectar Imperial Rose Leopard Bottle

3. Kevin Hart With Moet Nir Leopard Bottle

4. Kevin Hart With Ludacris and Eudoxie

5. Kevin Hart working the room

6. Kevin Hart

7. Alex Gidewon Ludacris Nelly Kevin Hart and Guests

8. Eniko Parrish

9. Keisha Knight Pulliam

10. Ludacris and Eudoxie

11. Ludacris and Kevin Hart

12. ludacris-eudoxie-kevin-hart-and-eniko-parrish

13. Ludacris Kevin Hart and Big Tigger

14. Monyetta Shaw and Eudoxie