Kim Burrell Gets Checked By Tamron Hall & Twitter Is Here For It

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Kim Burrell is still BIG MAD about Yolanda Adams not feeling her controversial sermon from 2017 that wreaked of homophobia. The acclaimed gospel singer used a recent visit to the Tamron Hall show to express her disappointment, and the talk show host had some pushback.

The 50-year-old gospel addressed the controversial sermon Thursday (Sept.29) on the Tamron Hall show, where she mentioned the “perverted homosexual spirit” that led to Adams calling out, adding to the calls for Burrell to be canceled.

Ellen canceled Kim Burrell’s appearance on her show, and Burrell’s radio show got the axe because of her statement.

“I was disappointed because we’ve all shared the same stage, back rooms, and green rooms, and some of their public display in conversation is somewhat opposite of what it is behind stage,” Burrell told Hall. “I would’ve much preferred, especially dealing with gospel, Yolanda Adams, we’re both from Houston, Texas, to pick up the cell phone and say, ‘Hey, I have a career to save, and I can’t agree with your stance right now, I need to say something different to my public.’ I would’ve preferred that.”

Kim Burrell also believed that she wasn’t given a fair chance to explain herself.

“No one has ever interviewed me about what it is I’m offended by and why should it matter. A reaction from a community that says, ‘we’re extreme on love,’ didn’t respond in love, in thinking that I was being deliberate to hurt.”

The “Thank You Jesus” singer also believes she was just being honest. “Truth hurts. I was standing there preaching what I know is the truth. I have to stand on the truth, no matter what. I can be criticized for it; I can be so-called ‘canceled’ for it.”

Tamron Hall Pushed Back On Burrell In Defense of Yolanda Adams

After Burrell finished, Hall defended Yolanda Adams, also her friend.

“Let me be clear here. Yolanda is a friend of mine as well. I am also from Texas,’ Hall begins. “I don’t know what happened behind the scenes. What I was asking if what you wanted more time for. You said there was more of a backstory to what you said on the pulpit, not the interpersonal relationships of two people; you’re now here with me and another person I care about.”

Twitter has been reacting to Hall politely “reading” Kim Burrell. You can peep those reactions in the gallery below.

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