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Meek Mill has bars, that’s undeniable. But the Philadelphia rapper’s tendency to get into Twitter kerfuffles with women and his peers means he’s become an easy target for collateral slander even when he was just minding his business.

Case in point, an old freestyle Meek kicked on Funk Flex recently went viral, because the boy be spittin’, and that’s just undeniable.

And that’s a freestyle session from almost two years ago.

While that’s all well and good, when many saw Meek’s name trending, they clicked on it expecting to see him going back and forth with either his baby mama, who he recently split with, or maybe explaining how he didn’t shade Nicki Minaj or possibly detailing to people how there is no way he broke off Kim Kardashian like Kanye West said he did.

So here we are, a dope freestyle from Meek means some will assert that the man deserves his flowers, while a legion of folk will use it as an opportunity to deliver more slander. That petty Rap Twitter for ya.

Hey, we’re just here for the comments and jokes. Peep more of the reactions we compiled below.

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We blame Drake


The Twitter Finger rep is hard to shake. 

3. No cap.

There is no denying the justice system did Meek dirty


They even brought Meg Thee Stallion up. smh. 





9. Damn. That’s cold.