Nicki Minaj Tops Cardi B On Forbes List, The Barbz Are Loving It

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Like we always do at this time, the financially driven publication Forbes, dropped its annual list detailing where our favorite Hip-Hop acts place financially. While some folks are wondering how Kanye got the top spot this year, Nicki Minaj stans are using the moment shade the competition, Cardi B.

According to Forbes, Nicki Minaj placed one spot higher than the “Bodak Yellow” rapper despite Cardi obviously having the better year. Minaj came in at number 12 on the list bringing int roughly $35 million, while the mother of Kulture secured the 13th spot with a $28 million.

Forbes numbers aren’t disputed unless your JAY-Z (listen to “Roc Boys”), Cardi expressed that her placement on this list might be off. Some even believe she possibly took a shot at Minaj in the process.

That didn’t stop the Barbz from seizing the opportunity to clown Cardi and her fans boasting that their queen is bringing in more green. Now granted it’s only a $1 million difference between the two rappers, it’s still something for the rabid fan base to be proud about. Honestly, they haven’t had much to cheer about at all as of late, so we get it.

Hit the gallery below to see all the petty reactions to Nicki being the cash queen this year.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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