Norman Lear photographed on the Sony Lot - 13 August 2019

Norman Lear, a screenwriter and producer behind several hit sitcoms that were huge in the 1970s, has died. Lear, who produced The Jeffersons and other beloved Black sitcoms, was involved with over 100 shows and worked as a producer well into the next century after his initial encounter with fame.

Norman Lear was born July 22, 1922, in New Haven, Conn. After a stint in the military in the 1940s, Lear got involved in entertainment by first working in public relations. Along with his cousin’s husband, comedian and writer Ed Simmons, Lear and Simmons wrote comedy sketches for the likes of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis for their comedy variety show.

In 1959, Lear created his first television show, The Deputy, with Henry Fonda. Lear then became known as a comedy writer through the 1960s. In 1971, Lear saw the debut of his show All In The Family, which went on to become a hit with critics and viewers alike. Sanford & Son was another hit that came the following year in 1972.

All In The Family spawned spinoff series too such as Maude in 1972, and The Jeffersons in 1975. The Jeffersons, which ran for 11 seasons and starred Isabel Sanford, Sherman Hemsley, and Marla Gibbs, is one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time. Good Times, starring Esther Rolle and Jon Amos, was developed by Lear in 1974 although he just served one year as its lead producer.

Lear served as the executive producer of the One Day At A Time revival in 2017 for Netflix and has a credit as an executive producer for the I Got A Monster documentary in 2023.

Lear is survived by his wife, producer Lyn Davis, six children from his three marriages, and four grandchildren.

Norman Lear was 101.

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