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Slandering Candace Owens is the lowest of hanging fruit, but here we are. The poster child for Black self-hate is getting dragged once again, and this time it’s for an old tweet that has aged like a racist Karen.

For context, India is suffering badly during the pandemic, with other 90 millions cases so far, with the odds being that might actually be an understimate.

But last year almost to the day, Owens propped up the country as goals for dealing with the coronavirus in a pandemic. Basically, she was on the headass, “this is no big deal and it will go away shortly” wave and that it was no worse than the flu. Clearly, that didn’t happen.

Yes, the bozo didn’t even bother to delete the tweet. The result is a treasure trove of fresh slander aimed at Owens and her disappearing edges.

Moral of the story, don’t take your medical advice from bad faith political pundits. Also, there is no better time to remind y’all that Owens used to be on Team Anti-Trump before she figured out aligning with the same people who actually hate you pays better.

Not to be outdone, she also compared Joe Rogan to Bill Gates as a convoluted and bizarre way of explaining why journalists aren’t being taken seriously. A reminded, Candace Owens is anything but a journalist since the job description involves the accurate usage of facts, which always allude her hot takes

Peep the best Candace Owens is clown reactions below, and keep your masks on.

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