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Gillie Da Kid is either trying to undo all the good that’s come his way as a media personality, or he really marches to his own off-beat drum. The Philadelphia rapper and podcaster, fresh off of slamming HBCUs, got off an “all lives matter” tap-dancing routine that has Twitter dragging him by the crooked fitted.

Gillie, the lead host of the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast via Barstool Sports, made the comments in a smartphone video that went viral Thursday (July 9) on social media, shouting down the Black Lives Matter movement based on the fact he’s suffered violence at the hands of other Black people.

“I keep getting the same question, ‘Gillie, you always giving up game. Why you don’t ever give no game on Black Lives Matter?,” Gillie Da Kid starts off in the video.

He continued saying, “[Because] I don’t get to that sh*t, n*gga. All lives matter, n*gga. I don’t give a f*ck if you White, Black, blue, purple, brown, tangerine, N*gga, all lives matter.”

Gillie adds, “Y’all want a n*gga to go out here head first telling these m*therf*ckin’ white people Black Lives Matter, but my m*therf*ckin’’ Black life didn’t matter to the n*gga that tried to execute me. To the n*gga that shot me in my m*therf*ckin’ wrist, stomach and my foot.”

Near the conclusion of the clip, Gillie makes mention of his nieces and nephews that he says are biracial, asking unironically if only half of their lives matter due to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Check out the video courtesy of East Feed below.

As expected, Gillie got roasted on Twitter for the comments and we’ve got those listed out below as well.

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