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EmoBlackThot, one of the most popular accounts in the Black Twitter space, was thought for years to be the work of a Black woman. Now, the identity of the person behind the account was unveiled as that of Isiash Hickland, who is coming under fire for the switcheroo and has apologized.

Via a YouTube video and an interview with Paper magazine, Hickman explained the reasons why he decided to come forth about his identity.

From Paper:

“I was just trying to be the kind of person I didn’t have for myself, just virtually [for others],” he says, briefly mentioning his desire to continue bolstering his fans, whether it be through continued conversation surrounding the stigma about mental health within the Black community, bringing attention to under-the-radar social injustice issues, or what it’s like to live as a bisexual Black male. Which is why — in what feels like another gesture toward his commitment to full transparency from this point forward — Hickland also wants to publicly come out as bisexual, something he says only a few close personal friends of his know.

“I’m already very untrustworthy of people — they make me anxious — so the idea of people knowing who I am,” he trails off, taking a second to breathe, “Everything about me, just makes me sick to my stomach. After this article, people are going to look me up —they’ll delve through my personal accounts, look through all my old pictures, all of that. They’ll create their own narratives. That type of sh*t makes me anxious.” For a moment, he pauses again to reflect upon what he’s said before putting the onus upon himself. “But it’s also my fault. I could’ve [handled this whole thing] better. I had good intentions, but I still hid behind an anonymous identity and hid who I was — I feel like I f*cked up majorly.”

Now that the news is officially out to the world, Hickland’s Twitter account name began trending on Twitter with a range of responses from astonishment to anger. Most Twitter users have blasted Hickman for duping the masses despite what he said were pure intentions to be bigger than the person he saw himself as. There’s also one user who believes EmoBlackThot was a woman who sold her account to Hickman in order to profit from the scandal.

Check out the reactions from Black Twitter regarding EmoBlackThot below.

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