Instagram Model Mercedes Morr Found In Possible Murder-Suicide

Source: Mercedes Morr / Mercedes Morr Instagram

This news is absolutely tragic.

As spotted on Buzzfeed News, popular Instagram model and social media influencer Janae Gagnier, better known as Mercedes Morr, was found dead Sunday (Aug.29) in Richmond, Texas, which authorities believe was a murder-suicide.

The 33-year old model who has over 2 million followers was found dead at the Cortland Apartments. An unknown man’s body was also found at the scene. ABC Houston reporter Stefania Okolie wrote on Twitter that law enforcement believes the killer took her life and then his own and has identified him but does not know the relationship between Morr and the unknown man.

“BREAKING: Law enforcement has identified the man accused of murdering Mercedes Morr, as Kevin Alexander Accort. Investigators say after killing the Instagram model and well known houston native, he killed himself. Unknown what the relationship between the two.”

Police discovered the bodies while responding to a welfare check around 4 pm on Sunday. Buzzfeed News also reports Gagnier and the unknown man’s cause of death is still pending autopsy reports.

An account claiming to be Gagnier’s father wrote on Twitter, “The false statements put out by social media and several news outlets is alarming. The death of my daughter is still under investigation. Until we have all the facts no statement will be made please respect the family.”

Reactions to the Instagram model’s tragic death spurred reactions from the likes of Bow Wow, who commented on her latest post, writing, “Stop playing we just spoke on Thurs don’t do me like this yo! Naaa.”

Rapper Almighty Jay also chimed using a broken heart emoji to express his sadness about her apparent tragic murder. Twitter has also been chiming in as well.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Mercedes Morr / Mercedes Morr Instagram

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So sad.


Not sure if this is the case, but her death is still tragic and scary.