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RadioShack, once a global electronics retail giant, is apparently going under a rebrand of sorts. After its Twitter account shot off some raunchy tweets on Wednesday (June 29), it came out that the company has entered the cryptocurrency space.

A quick scan of RadioShack’s account will reveal a series of deletions that curiously scrubbed some of the edgy tweets that got the company’s name trending into Thursday. One such tweet read, “if you find a squirter marry her” and it was off to the races from there.

Apparently, the account isn’t new to using salacious tweets to garner attention and last night’s barrage was no exception. What the moment inspired, however, was curiosity around what the brand is up to these days which is how many rediscovered its shift into selling a cryptocurrency token.

Like many company brands that employ interns and staff to handle their social media, RadioShack’s account began engaging with other bands such as Nutter Butter. An exchange between those two is better left to the imagination as one can understand.

A tweet the company did leave up took place on June 28 and it reads, “Taking the second half of an edible after feeling nothing from the first half is always a bad idea. This chocolate bar got me out here fighting for my life.”

From a tweet posted on June 27, this really does seem to be a strategy to draw attention to the company’s new venture.

“RadioShack Execs: we need a succinct marketing plan with tangible KPI’s to facilitate healthy growth in our ecosystem[.] Radioshack Intern: Hold my beer for a sec, ok so hear me out,” read the tweet.

As it stands, the reactions to the account’s over-the-top antics and lack of filter have garnered some unexpected interest. We’ve got reactions from Twitter below.

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