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Chrissy Teigen might be one of the most disliked people in the social media space after a few online faux pas and other acts put her in the crosshairs of criticism. The model and wife of John Legend drew the ire of Twitter once more after images of a party stylized after the hit Netflix show Squid Game went viral, although some fans are saying that the negative reaction is overblown.

Last week, Teigen and Legend hosted a massive parry at their sprawling mansion which transformed their home into an entire set devoted to all things Squid Game. As noted by Buzzfeed, the series focused primarily on the excess of wealth and the motivation of those willing to do anything to obtain such.

Without revealing too much of the plot, Squid Game, already an incredibly dark show from the onset, takes an extreme left turn when contestants of the violent game are essentially entertainment for a number of rich “VIPs” with decadent tastes and twisted morals.

As seen in the images from the party, Teigen and Legend went all out in recreating some of the show’s zaniest moments. Teigen was dressed as the killer “Red Light, Green Light” doll from episode one of Squid Game, while Legend was dressed in one of the gold animal heads and silk robes worn by the VIPs.

After Buzzfeed’s story went wide, many on Twitter began chiming in and blasting the theme. Amazingly enough, the images of the party haven’t been largely discussed until Teign’s name began trending this week. With over 35 million followers, it’s fair to say that nobody truly cared about the party theme until the story was posted, and now attention is being paid in a critical fashion.

We’ve got the reactions below.

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