Rod Wave fall

Source: Twitter / Twitter

For those who may have forgotten, there is still a coronavirus pandemic going on. This came to the minds of many when they learned of a stage collapse during a Rod Wave concert.

Video footage of a stage giving out while dozens of people were on it hit the Internets and quickly went viral. Rod is a rapper by way of St. Petersburg. Florida and that’s him in the powder blue fit hitting the deck and barely not falling into the stage. Word is the stage gave was before the first song.

Now let’s consider some questions. How many people do you really need on stage with you to perform? Do all those people hanging tight in the crowd not realize that there is a coronavirus pandemic?

It all makes sense when we learn that, per Stereogum, it went down at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, a city where if you’ve been peeping on social media many people seem to think COVID-19 isn’t a real thing.

So in summary, a stage collapsed, maybe due to too many people, during a pandemic. The irony here is that if social distancing was being practiced, the stage might not have said “F*ck it, I’m out.”

We sincerely hope no one was seriously injured. Peep the reactions below.

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