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Smokey Robinson is an amazing talent and still going strong as he approaches the age of 83 later this month. However, the legendary singer and songwriter got some folks scratching their heads after prepping a new album titled GASMS and the song titles alone truly has Twitter saying Robinson is deep in his nasty bag.

Smokey Robinson, 82, hasn’t dropped a new project in nearly a decade according to a press release and GASMS is definitely not an acronym as far as we can tell. We’re petty certain the name is short for orgasms based on the aforementioned titles that we’re about to share below.


01. Gasms

02. How You Make Me Feel

03. I Wanna Know Your Body

04. I Keep Callin’ You

05. Roll Around

06. Besides

07. If We Don’t Have Each Other

08. You Fill Me Up

09. I Fit In There

Currently, one of GASM’s tamer song titles, “If We Don’t Have Each Other,” is the current single ahead of the nine-track LP’s release on April 28. We don’t need to do any guesswork on songs like “I Fit In There” and “Roll Around” but we’re not mad at the living legend for getting his sexy man swag all the way up.

On Twitter, folks aren’t trying to let Smokey Robinson live and have lots to say about the upcoming GASMS and the song titles. Check out those reactions and the single, “If We Don’t Have Each Other,” below.


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