Jennifer Wheelchair Target Stab

Source: Screencap / @suddenlyistan_

A white woman who appeared to be handicapped attempted to play the hero and caught a bad one during the Minneapolis protests related to the murder of George Floyd. The woman, apparently named Jennifer, was caught video not only trying to stab looters from leaving a local Target but it was revealed she is able to walk without the assistance of the chair.

On Wednesday night (May 27), the frustrations felt by Minneapolis residents in the wake of Floyd’s senseless death boiled over into the streets for a second night. At the Target store, the building was ransacked as people made off with electronics and other goods. Across social media, images of the event went viral with some sharing some shocking images from the ground.

However, the arrival of Jennifer to the scene has become something of a moment on social media. Video clips of Jennifer’s attempt to block looters from the Target showed that at first, people tried to get her out of dodge in order to stave off any physical harm. But after she reportedly tried stabbing some of the looters, fades were promptly administered with relentless fury.

At one point, Jennifer, still not heeding the warnings and getting ghost, got hosed down with a fire extinguisher and was literally shoved in her chair out the way. Later in the night, a video of Jennifer crying about the assault surfaced but, of course, she failed to cop to the fact she attempted to do harm to looters instead of minding her business.

Twitter, not showing an iota of chill, began taking notice of Jennifer’s plight and failed attempt at corporate heroism. All jokes aside, Jennifer really could have gotten herself hurt worried about Target’s bottom line considering that building and all the goods inside it are most certainly insured.  And to keep it a stack, white people were looting too.

But because humor can be gleaned from anything, the reactions to Stabby Jenn On Wheels have been extremely hilarious and we’ve got the best responses we could find below.

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