'Star Wars' Gatekeeper Calls Jack Black & Lizzo Bullies

Source: Lucasfilm Ltd. / Star Wars / The Mandalorian

Lizzo and Jack Black are officially Star Wars canon, and one Blerd is big mad about that.

The latest episode of The Mandalorian threw fans for a loop when Lizzo and Jack Black (The Super Mario Bros. Movie) appeared on their television screens.

In the episode titled “Guns For Hire,” the theme of redemption continued with Black playing Captain Bombardier, a former officer in the “defunct” Galatic Empire, and the pop star playing his love, the Duchess.

They rule over a planet called Plazir-15, where the inhabitants live in luxury inside a fancy glass dome where droids, mostly imperial, do all of the work.

The fun Bryce Dallas Howard-directed episode which also boasts a Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) cameo, did not sit well with some viewers, one Blerd in particular.

On Twitter, @ThePencilPimp, aka the “opinionerded,” had thoughts about a TikTok video of Lizzo and Black having fun in their costumes, claiming the iconic movie franchise was hijacked by “bullies.”

In a tweet, he wrote, “#StarWars isn’t for us nerds anymore. We who respect the lore & would be in tears after being cast in one of the movies or shows. Star Wars is now for the popular kids who giggled & high-fived the bullies for stuffing you in your locker. It’s crashing and #Disney deserves it.”

Twitter Is Using The Force To Clap Back At The Star Wars Gatekeeper

The tweet has over 4,000 likes, but to no one’s surprise, his take is currently experiencing a ratio, with many disagreeing with him being mad at Lizzo and Black.

“It’s weird to assume that celebrities are not ordinary individuals who enjoy typical things like us, and it’s also weird to gatekeep something that people may have cherished since childhood. Stop gatekeeping and heal,” Black Girl Gamers said in a tweet.

We will always be here for wholesome Lizzo and Baby Yoda content.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd. / The Mandalorian

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