Who: Steve Zakuani
Injury: Broken leg
Routine play gone wrong


Who: Marc Mariani
Injury: broken leg
During a preseason game wide receiver had one one of the ankle breaks you probably see on a football field. One of the few reasons the NFL should eliminate preseason.


Who: Evander Holyfield
Injury: Ear bitten
That one time Iron Mike took a chunk of Evander’s ear


Who: Mick Foley
Injury: Ripped ear
Though out Foley’s wrestling career he encountered every injury a wrestler could come across, thats until the famed wrestler almost ripped off his entire ear while performing a stunt.


Who: Tyrone Prothro
Injury: Leg break
Tyron completely fractured both bones in his leg. Even with numerous surgeries he wasn’t to return to the field again.


Who: Chris Kuper
Injury: leg break
Kuper’s injury was so horrifying teammates had to walk off the field. Kuper suffered the injury during the last game of the season. He made a return to the team the next season.


Who: Matias Concha
injury: Shattered shin
In attempt to slid and beat a defender to the ball Matias ended up shattering his shin.


Who: Paulo Diogo
Injury: missing finger
In one of the strangest on this list, Diogo celebrated his goal by jumping on a wired fence to celebrate with fans. Once jumping off the fence his wedding ring got stuck in the wires along with his finger. YIKES!!!


Who: Börje Salming
injury: Face laceration
Börje face was stepped on by another hockey player and left a laceration which required over 200 stitches.


Who: Llewellyn Starks
Injury: leg break
Long jumper Llewellyn Starks suffered a broken leg while competing in the 1992 New York Games


Who: Joe Theisman
Injury: leg break
This leg break ended Joe Theisman NFL career, just after winning the Super Bowl. The former QB currently holds an analyst gig with the team.


Who: Kevin Ware
Injury: Leg break
During a routine play, Ware attempt to block a shot and fell awkwardly on his leg which broke in a gruesome manner.

13. Anderson Silva Broken Leg : Unbelievable Moment in UFC 168 History

Who: Anderson Silva
Injury: Broken leg
Silva could have ended his career with this kick


Who: Shaun Livingston
Injury: Knee
During his NBA career Shaun has been riddled with injuries, but one night the former first round draft pick did the impossible. Livingston destroyed every part of his knee during a missed layup. He tore n tore the anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior cruciate ligament, and the lateral meniscus and sprained s medial collateral ligament and dislocating the patella