After 17 years in the NLF Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis is retiring. Number 52 should enjoy a very lucrative post-football life, as he has made himself one of the most recognized faces on TV as a pitchman for companies like Old Spice and EA Sports.  Take a look at some of his best commercials.

1. Old Spice Body Wash

He steps out of the shower wearing an armor of lather, climbs onto a Raven, flies into outer space and leaves the inhabitants of some ringed planet homeless with one shot of his heat vision. Mind. Blown.

2. Old Spice Deodorant

In the “Heart Of a Champion” spot Ray Lewis pulls what looks like the Transformers Matrix of Leadership from his chest to reveal “a universe of heartache and sadness that has been replaced by Old Spice” and then he grows six more heads becoming a All-Pro Hydra.

3. Madden 13

The only problem with this commercial is that it’s so motivational that after watching it you want to go and do something with your life besides play video games.