1. Agent J, “Men In Black”

NYPD officer James Darrell Edwards III is recruited to join a top secret agency to monitor alien refugees on planet Earth.

2. Mace Windu, “Star Wars”

A Jedi master of the High Council, Windu was the first character in the “Star Wars” franchise to have a light saber not colored blue, green or red.

3. Lando Calrissian, “Empire Strikes Back”

In order to protect his city, Lando betrays Hans Solo by turning him over to bounty hunter Bobba Fett. Lando redeems himself by rescuing his old friend and joining in the fight against Darth Vader.

4. Lonette “Mace” Mason, “Strange Days”

Bassett redefined the “Strong Black Woman” trope as a gun toting, ass kicking combat specialist in this futuristic thriller.

5. President Beck, “Deep Impact”

Just ten years before Obama was voted into office, Freeman played a Commander-in-Chief with the difficult task of choosing who lives and dies in face of impending disaster.

6. Lt. Uhura, “Star Trek”

Inheriting the role from actress Nichelle Nichols, this updated Uhura runs with the big boys and has the usually emotionless Spock weak in the knees.

7. Alexa Woods, “Alien vs. Predator”

Lathan made history as the first Black actress to helm a big budget sci-fi film. Alexa Woods was smart, sensible and quite the formidable foe against the bloodthirsty Aliens.

8. Morpheus, “The Matrix”

The sage advisor to reluctant hero Neo, Morpheus easily had the most memorable quotables in this genre bending movie.

9. Capt. Steven Hiller, “Independence Day”

After winning millions of hearts on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, Smith made the seamless transition to movie star in this big budget alien invasion blockbuster.

10. Ruby Rhod, “The Fifth Element”

Comedian Chris Tucker raised eyebrows in his role as a loud-mouthed, flamboyant radio talk show host with a wardrobe that would make Lady Gaga green with envy.