Twitter Is Clowning Shaun King aka Talcum X After Rachel Maddow Checks Him

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Shaun King, who is one of Bernie Sanders’ most vocal surrogates not named Nina Turner, is feeling the wrath of Twitter once again following Sanders getting catch Ls across the map on Super Tuesday.

It wasn’t a good night to be Bernie Sanders or a supporter of the self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist. Following his decisive victory in South Carolina, shoutout to Black voters, the “Joementum” continued with Biden sweeping the south with the help of one of the most loyal voting blocks, southern Blacks.

Shaun King, who was more than likely not feeling the way his candidate was getting mollywhopped because the political revolution he has been boasting about, didn’t show up, got caught up in an interesting fiasco on Twitter. Mr. King got called out twice for lying on the social media platform, first for claiming Beto O’ Rourke supporters allegedly reaching out to him to express their sadness he endorsed Joe Biden. A former O’Rourke staffer responded to the tweet shutting that down.

After Bernie got his tail handed to him on Super Tuesday, Shaun King got caught in another lie when he accused Rachel Maddow of saying that “senior officials within the Democratic Party are interfering with the primaries to stop Bernie Sanders.” Maddow responded to his accusation in a tweet and pointing out that she “reported no such thing.”

We don’t think he’s ready for Rachel Maddow to go in on him on her show.

Anyway, the flood gates opened up from there with Twitter calling out King and even got one his many nicknames, Talcum X trending for good measure. You can see all of the hilarious reactions to King getting called out in the gallery below.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty

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