Twitter Is Debating Video of Brooklyn Residents Singing Biggie Smalls Song

Source: Raymond Boyd / Getty

During these trying times as New York City is battling the coronavirus, NYC residents could use all kinds of hope to get through the pandemic. One video on Twitter is supplying that, but folks are questioning the validity of it.

Over the weekend, Jamie Foxx shared an inspirational video on his Instagram account that showed Brooklyn natives singing Biggie Smalls iconic record, “Juicy” while being on lockdown in their apartments.

Of course, the video instantly caught fire on Twitter, with many sharing the video because they thought it was real, and it seems very much so. But some folks are also pointing out that the video is doctored due to the fact the windows are closed, and it sounds like the audio being used is from concert footage.

This might just go down as one of those debates, in the end, no one really cares about, but you have to admit though it would be very dope if the video is indeed real. Regardless, Brooklyn is a resilient borough and nothing brings people together more than a Biggie Smalls record.

You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Raymond Boyd / Getty

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