Twitter Is Clowning Yaya Mayweather For Hating "Back In Blood"

Source: Cassidy Sparrow / Getty

Floyd Mayweather’s seed and NBA Youngboy’s latest girlfriend, Yaya Mayweather, really doesn’t like Pooh Shiesty’s hit, “Back In Blood.”

Yaya Mayweather is getting clowned on Twitter once again after another video of herself hating on the record has gone viral. In the new clip, Mayweather can be seen “making a phone call” while the entire club, including one of her boo’s many exes, Jania Meshell, is enjoying Shiesty’s hit that features Lil Durk is turning up to the hit reciting Durk’s lyrics. ‘

Mayweather trended on Twitter once again for her lack of love for the record. She and her entourage looked extremely salty the record was playing while Jania and her crew conveniently located in the section next to her was lit. Also, she caught flack for being at a party in the middle of a pandemic, but that’s been the case in Atlanta since the pandemic started a year ago.

Mayweather’s disdain for the record was first highlighted on social media a few weeks ago when a video of Floyd’s daughter screaming at the DJ to “turn this weak-ass song off” went viral. Nobody else cared that Mayweather was not feeling the song and continued to recite the song sparking hilarious memes.

So why does Yaya Mayweather hate the song so much? Well, many believe it has to do with her loyalty to the father of her child. NBA Youngboy is close with Quando Rondo. It’s been well documented that Lil Durk has beef with Rondo, plus Lul Tim, an affiliate of Quando Rondo, is believed to be the person who killed King Von.

Well, whatever the case might be, Yaya Mayweather once again has become Twitter’s punching bag. You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Cassidy Sparrow / Getty

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