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DJ Vlad has long been seen as an unsavory sort among certain Hip-Hop circles despite his mysterious ability to snag interviews with notable figures within the genre. After attacking a Black woman who checked him over his opinion on the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef, DJ Vlad attempted to weaponize his whiteness but the culture peeped game and is getting Vlad The Vulture out the paint.

Morgan Jenkins, a best-selling author and academic, caught wind of DJ Vlad speaking on Kendrick Lamar’s explosive “Not Like Us” track, stating that the song “needed a better mix.”

Jenkins, quoting Vlad’s comment, rightfully wrote, “You are WHITE. This is a BLACK FOLK AFFAIR,” prompting Vlad to respond and spiral like most Karens do.

“Wait, so a professor at @Princeton is telling me that a white person shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinion about Hip-Hop? Is that how you interact with your students,” Vlad fired back.

Jenkins fired back with, “What I’m saying is that you put your opinion in a discussion that’s not needed. This conversation is and should center Black people, not you.”

Vlad then pulled the ultimate cornball move and threatened to contact Princeton University about Jenkins’ comments but found himself on the wrong side of history again after Jenkins laid down the law.

“Semester’s over and my contract has been completed. But thanks for trying to bully me out of a job for centering Black people because you got your feelings hurt. Very retaliatory, huh? Nice tactic,” Jenkins artfully countered.

Because Vlad has no shame, he attempted to throw his academic credentials around and referred to Jenkins as a bigot. He then foolishly demanded that Jenkins takes Princeton out of her X bio. This is when it gets even better.

“Sweetheart, before I was a professor at Princeton, I GRADUATED from Princeton. LOL So what is you REALLY saying,” Jenkins added.

Vlad, unable to take the L for what it was doubled down and the entirety of Black Xitter (yes, we’re calling it that) formed like the Avengers to shove Vlad The Vulture out the paint. Even typically neutral folks like comedian KevOnStage was smoking on the Vlad Pack and it is still continuing since the fracas began late Saturday night (May 4).

DJ Vlad has made a career of inviting pivotal figures in Hip-Hop culture to spill the beans about things that were both incriminating and largely damaging to the reputations of others. Further, Vlad’s propensity for digging into the affairs of Black people has never sat right with those who have had the misfortune of watching one of his interrogation videos, excuse us, interviews.

The saddest part in all of this are Black men are coming to the jiggin’ and booin’ (shoutout Vince Staples0 defense of Victim Vlad. But those dustballs are getting shots too, disrespectfully.

As it stands, Vlad The Vulture is getting baked, simmered, and sautéed and it’s an amazing thing to watch. Further, he deserves it because all he had to do was mind his business. Now, he’s upended his whole brand just because he couldn’t stand to be told he was out of pocket by an accomplished Black woman.

Check out the replies below.

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