Twitter Reminds White Actor Why Wakandans Don't Trust Bucky or White People

Source: Courtesy of Marvel Studios / Disney

If you still haven’t seen the latest episode of Disney Plus’ exceptional Marvel Studios series The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, we are warning you now this post heads into spoiler territory.

Okay, you have been warned. Now we shall proceed.

Last week’s episode, which is easily the best so far in the six-episode series, saw the Dora Milaje make good on their promise to intervene if Bucky didn’t return Zemo to them. For those who need a refresher, Zemo was responsible for the death of Wakandan’s beloved king, T’Chaka, and framed Bucky for it leading to his son, T’Challa, inheriting the throne and the Black Panther mantle.

The real Captain America and Bucky eventually unraveled Zemo’s plan. He was tossed in prison at the end of Captain America: Civil War, which now brings us to The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Ayo, masterfully played by Florence Kasumba, showed up in episode three of the series to warn Bucky that Dora Milaje and Wakanda are watching and are well aware they broke Zemo out of prison. The loyal bodyguard warned Cap’s bestie that he had 8 hours to handle his business with Zemo and hand him over.

The timer eventually ran out, and the Dora led by Ayo came to collect Zemo. Faux Cap, aka U.S. Agent, thought he could best them but got his stars and stripes handed to him quite easily. He was so embarrassed that Dora beat him and his sidekick’s ass without powers he decided to take the super serum. While bootleg Captain America was getting served, Bucky stood by, enjoyably watching, only intervening after being begged to by Sam.

Bucky tries to reason with Ayo, but instead, she does an interesting trick on his vibranium cybernetic arm, causing it to fall off, leaving Bucky in a state of shock. Apparently, Shuri put in a fail-safe just in case the white wolf lost his mind again. Actor Stephen Ford felt bad for poor Bucky and felt it was messed up the Wakandans (Shuri) put a “built-in weakness” in Bucky’s arm.

Twitter has since been dragging him, reminding the poor sap that, of course, the Wakandan’s don’t trust the man who was literally killing everyone after hearing a set of words and released the man who killed their beloved king.

Where is the lie?

You can peep more hilarious reactions as well as the trailer for the penultimate episode below.

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios / Disney

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