The disgraced comedian, who fell from grace after getting caught up in a sex scandal, has been battling a deteriorating eye disorder called keratoconus.

After a year of research, Mark Zuckerberg has announced plans to help bring wireless Internet to large areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

Everyone should know who this douche is. #WalterPalmer — Dom zamprogna (@dom_zamprogna) July 28, 2015 Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer became “the most hated man”…

Al-Shabab terrorists reportedly killed at least 147 people Thursday at a university in Kenya in what is being called the worst attack on Kenyan soil…

Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman‘s voice is probably one of the most recognizable in Hollywood. Freeman has been the voice of God before and after voicing the higher power, Freeman is giving his voice to some more earthly creatures. The legendary actor is narrating the new film “Island of Lemurs Madagascar” which details the […]

Justine Sacco, the communications director for media conglomerate IAC, which represents brands like; OkCupid,, and Vimeo made the most senior of rookie mistakes when she tweeted about her trip to Africa yesterday. She was actually in route to South Africa when she tweeted, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” […]

The truth is definitely stranger than fiction. A prostitute in Zimbabwe thought to have been dead suddenly came back to life after she was placed in a coffin. As the story goes, the prostitute was in the middle of a wild session with a customer when she collapsed at the Manor Hotel in the city […]

If art actually imitated life you’d see shows where men took care of their kids (that were good) and movies where threats to America were not always  people of color.  Unfortunately, warped perceptions rule the day in Hollywood and the folks at have pointed out some of the biggest stereotypes in movie-making. Must Read: […]

We sat down with Hélène and Célia Faussart of Les Nubians to talk about their new album, "Nü Revolution," and how women will be leading the new revolution.

Akon has announced the launch of a new foundation to help serve under privileged children in Africa.

Africa  1500 – 1860 juju (from the African Hausa language) – an object used as a fetish, a charm or an amulet in West Africa, or the supernatural power ascribed to such an object. Africa is the second largest continent on Earth.  Africans account for over 12% of the world’s population, are distributed among 54 […]

The product featured in this ad isn’t even offered in the U.S. but that doesn’t mean I can’t get all sentimental over it anyway.  Maybe it’ll encourage the fellas over here to step up their public transpo game.