Music manager Mathew Knowles has really dropped the ball when it comes to his four-year-old son Nixon. Knowles is way behind on his child support and now the child and his mother, Alexsdandra Wright, were just evicted form their quaint home. According to reports, Wright and her son were packing up their belongings and moving […]

In Matthew Knowles‘ case, it pays to be fired by your superstar daughter. Beyonce’s dad and former manager recently got his child support lowered for his three-year-old son with Alexsandra Wright because, by his definition, he’s poor. As manager of Beyonce, Matthew Knowles was raking in millions of dollars on a regular basis. However, once […]

Mathew Knowles is facing a lawsuit from the mother his son, Alexsandra Wright, claiming the judge needs to up her child support to cover expenses related to security to protect their child (by way of private schooling). Why? She claims Mathew once threatened her via email. Yes, according to TMZ, Mathew sent a message to […]

Mathew Knowles has been accused by his former mistress/baby mama Alexsandra Wright of offering to pay her to allow Beyonce and Jay-Z to raise her child with Mathew as their own. Neither Bey or Jay have addressed the allegations, but Alexsandra is sticking to her story. In addition, she’s showing off the baby who could […]