Fans are at the edges of their seats waiting to see the long lost footage that will be featured in the upcoming Amy Winehouse documentary…

It’s been almost four years since Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning, so the new documentary about her life is right on time. Amy will feature old clips and home movies from when Winehouse first started out her singing career. Through the interviews we see that she never thought she was going to be as […]

Life truly is good to Nas right now. After his latest album Life Is Good debuted at number one back in July, the Queensbridge native releases his fifth video for the Amy Winehouse assisted “Cherry Wine.” In the clip, Nas works as a bartender with eyes for a beautiful patron. While she notices him noticing […]

In a new profile for the UK newspaper, The Guardian, Nas opens up about his sentimental album cover featuring him holding the wedding dress of his ex-wife, Kelis. Meanwhile, he also talks about his past troubles with taxes and speaks on his relationship with the fallen soul crooner, Amy Winehouse. On his Life Is Good […]

Fallen soul singer Amy Winehouse made no bones about her affinity for Queensbridge MC Nas. Her 2006 song “Me And Mr. Jones” detailed exactly how devoted she was to the rapper. The two never collaborated while Winehouse was living, but they are on Nas’ new track “Cherry Wine.” Produced by constant collaborator Salaam Remi, “Cherry […]

Rihanna didn’t take too kindly to an MTV News headline about her apparent drug usage (weed, to be exact) during the first part of Coachella last week. In response to their “Yikes” declaring tweet, Rih-Rih tweeted right back to them earlier today, “@MTV Yikes…. @rihanna ran out of f*cks to give.” Obviously. However, in a separate […]

It was definitely not drug use that killed Amy Winehouse–according to the coroner, it was alcohol. Her blood tests showed that she had more than five times the drunk driving limit in England, and there were empty vodka bottles found in her room. London Loves Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse was 27 when she was found […]

While appearing on the premiere episode of Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show "Anderson," Amy Winehouse's father Mitch explained why he believes she came back as a black butterfly after her death. Check the video as he breaks it down.

Amy Winehouse passed away this year on July 23rd, and today would have been her 28th birthday. Fans around the world are celebrating her life and music, and her family is focused on her legacy.

The music world is currently mourning the passing of yet another legend, as Nick Ashford succumbed to throat cancer. Over the past two years we have lost the likes of Amy Winehouse (twitterpage), Gil Scott-Heron, Teena Marie  (@msteenamarie), and of course, Michael Jackson, to name just a few. Sometimes it really does seem as though you […]

Amy Winehouse’s toxicology report has revealed that there were no illegal substances in her body at her time of death. “Results indicate that alcohol was present but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death” read the statement released by her family. Amy was found dead in her London […]

Nas stopped by 106 & Park to promote his new single “Nasty” and also had this to say about his fallen friend Amy Winehouse. “She was a genuine person. She was like real.” “She was struggling with a lot of things in her life, but she was a real artist. She was like a little […]