Nicki Minaj came out swinging at the 2015 VMAs and Miley Cyrus was her number one target. To give you a little refresher, Miley decided to give her unsolicited two cents on Nicki taking MTV to task for not giving her “Anaconda” or “Feeling Myself” videos the recognition she felt they deserved and pointing out the obvious […]

The Sound

Nicki Minaj is set to hit the stage in Finland this July and concert promoters have prepared for her arrival in the most interesting of ways. With the excitement level clearly at it’s peak as they anticipate Nicki’s first-ever concert in the country, residents awoke today to find Finland’s historic Helenski Cathedral covered in 1,000 life-sized cut […]

Forget “Vogue” models dancing to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” we’ll take this cutie’s routine over theirs any day! 11-year-old Taylor Hatala totally slayed her own choreography…

There are two things we love here at Nicki Minaj’s booty and Gifs. So gifs of Nicki Minaj’s booty make us really, really happy. To continue the promo blitz for her bootylicious new single, “Anaconda” she has released a teaser for the video (which appears to pay homage to the Sir-Mix-A-Lot classic that inspired […]

Rapper Nicki Minaj set the internet on fire when fans saw the racy cover for her upcoming single “Anaconda.” The artwork for the second single off Nicki’s upcoming album “The Pink Print” features her squatting with her back to the camera wearing nothing but a sports bra, thong, and a pair of Jordan 6s. “Anaconda” […]