These babies greeted the world this year and made their parents (and our) lives cuter than ever before. Take a look at our favorite babies born in 2016 in the accompanying gallery.


Sometimes, rumors turn out to be true. After weeks of speculation, Angela Simmons confirmed on Friday night that she and her fiancé Sutton Sean Tennyson are indeed pregnant. The socialite and reality star shared the news on Instagram, showing off her beautiful baby bump up close: This will be the first child for the […]

The Screen

WE tv is giving the world a closer look into the lives of the youngest in rap royalty with a new reality series titled “Growing Up Hip Hop.” The show, which was first announced earlier this summer in July, will chronicle the lives of several celebrity kids born to some of hip hop’s most legendary […]

   “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard is the latest celebrity looking to shed some pounds, and he will be the first to be featured on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” According to the LA Times, production for season 15 has already started at a ranch in Los Angeles, and Studdard is being whipped into shape by […]

I had no idea of its existence a few hours ago, but Fearless magazine has a cute cover with Angela Simmons. Simmons serves as guest editor of the publication’s latest issue, and in her editor’s letter, stresses the importance of self-awareness.  It’s written in sort of “I Believe I Can Fly” fashion, but hey, that’s […]

Angela Simmons was spotted out on a date with her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow’s childhood enemy–Romeo. The heartthrob has been courting Angela Simmons all over town, including The Cheesecake Factory. Rumors that Angela is engaged to Bow Wow must be false, seeing that she is being photo’d with ex-“Dancing With The Stars” cast member. Like […]

Recent Young Money signee Bow Wow has been in the game for ten years. With being in the industry for that amount of time, it is easy to believe the young man has dated a few starlets. His romance with Ciara was well documented with a cover of Vibe Magazine. Plus, his relationship Angela Simmons […]

Angela and Vanessa Simmons are the latest celebs to be penalized by the IRS for not paying their taxes! The IRS filed several tax liens against the Pastry sisters. What they owe: The IRS filed a $26,658 tax lien against Angela Simmons on Dec. 22 in New York. The IRS filed a $22,528 tax lien […]

Welp, Angela Simmons has found yet another way to show her a**…literally! The hot young designer/daughter of Rev Run revealed her campaign ad for PETA where her body parts are covered by long locks of hair. Surprisingly enough, her uncle Russell Simmons attended the party to show his nude niece some love. Bow Wow: “What […]

Shad Moss has gone from Lil’ Bow Wow to Bow Wow, from heartthrob to heart-breaker(so we hear) and mastered the art of acting in the 13 years he has been in the industry. Snoop Dogg introduced him to the game and Bow Wow has never forgotten it! His reverence for the “Dogg-father” is admirable. Bow […]