The leader of legendary funk group Cameo Larry Blackmon kept it too funky for his former landlord. The “Candy” singer was evicted from him rented Atlanta apartment, but before he vacated the premises, he did some damage to the home, which has caused Blackmon’s former landlord to sue him. Financial company National Lender Services is […]

Chicago rapper Chief Keef is house hunting again and it’s not because he just wanted a new house. The young adult rapper was recently evicted from his luxury suburban Chicago apartment. Chief Keef was removed from his apartment by police officials. The Lake County Deputies showed up to the apartment to expedite Keef’s exit. The […]

The best and worst thing about social media is that you can instantly respond to a rumor with or without thinking before beginning to write. “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member Momma Dee took advantage of the instant gratification of Twitter when she got on the social platform to refute claims Atlanta rapper Diamond […]

There are things that are annoying, but they are small so you dismiss them. Then you have the little things that are so annoying that you will damn near kill yourself to make sure your space is rid of whatever it is annoying you. A man in Florida took the latter method to heart when […]

  It looks like while Stephon Marbury is busy overseas playing basketball, his bills aren’t being taken care of. The former NBA player’s New York City condo is facing foreclosure because he allegedly hasn’t paid the mortgage in three years. According to legal documents filed by U.S. Bank International, Marbury purchased a condo with two […]

Things for Terrence Howard seem to be getting worse and worse. Not only is the Oscar-nominated actor be ing investigated for assaulting his ex-wife, he’s now being sued for unpaid rent on an NYC apartment he was recently evicted from. According to legal documents filed in a Manhattan court, Howard was renting a West Broadway […]