The Life

Twenty-six-year-old Deshauna Barber is our newly minted Miss USA – and not only is she a young Black woman breaking down barriers surrounding American beauty standards, she’s simultaneously coming for your gender clichés as an Army Reserve Officer and IT Analyst who’s winning pageants. The District of Columbia native quickly wowed the world, giving what’s […]

James Marshall Hendrix is one of the most prolific artists to have ever stepped foot on a stage. Between his stellar guitar skills and reckless behavior, fans ate up his rebel demeanor. Hendrix’ mystique was added to with the inaccuracies surrounding his death. With the observance of Veteran’s Day, The Urban Daily brings you five […]

While sexy R&B singer Rihanna has nabbed many of the headlines for the upcoming Battleship film (and who could blame us?) there are some key contributors to the film that deserve as much recognition, if not more. NERD ALERT: Rihanna Autographs “Battleship” Game For Fan [PHOTO] Lieutenant Colonel Greg Gadson is not only an actor […]