Attack The block

At a Rutgers University’s Actor’s Spotlight this past February, Idris Elba bluntly articulated Black Hollywood’s sentiment: “The Oscars aren’t designed for us.” Elba was responding to this year’s Academy Awards, where not a single black person in the industry made the ballot.  No matter; while the media and Hollywood insiders were in a tizzy about  […]

You may have seen the impressive box office numbers for its opening weekend, and it’s likely thanks in part to those figures that Sony is expanding the “Inner City versus Outer Space” hit movie, Attack The Block, to more cities. Which means if it hasn’t opened in your neck of the woods yet, there’s a […]

Opening in limited release this weekend is much ballyhooed aliens attack the hood movie, Attack The Block, which pits a teen gang against an invasion of alien monsters, turning a London project block into a fortress under siege, and a group of armed teenagers into heroes. Or as the poster art states, it’s “inner city […]

Gearing up for its  theatrical debut in the US, Sony Pictures,has unveiled a brand new trailer for the aliens-attack-the-hood movie, Attack The Block, cut specifically for North American audiences. This version reveals even more of the film than previous trailers have. And if that isn’t enough they’ve also released  a new clip of one of […]

British star John Boyega and super model Liya Kebede anchor this week’s edition of “Coming Attractions”, brought to you by TheUrbandaily and TV One. Their new films Attack The Block and Desert Flower will be in theaters soon!

Tomorrow will see the nationwide release of one of this summer’s most anticipated movies – J.J. Abrams’ alleged homage to Steven Spielberg of old, Super 8. The film centers on a group of white kids in a small Ohio town in the 1970s whose adventures into film-making with their Super 8mm camera are interrupted by […]

Remember when you were a teenager and had long, late-night talks with friends in between viewings of ‘Predator,’ ‘Gremlins,’ ‘The Monster Squad,’ or any number of other classic sci-fi/horror/action hybrids, wondering what you would do if aliens, monsters or demons ever invaded your neighborhood? Remember how you debated on end about what weapons you would […]