After all that has happened between Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, there is still one person in the mix that is holding on to that…

As long as it’s for the sake of the kids, then it’s a great idea to get back together with someone who you feel disrespected by, said no one… anywhere! Well, until now that is! According to TMZ, Ciara claims she is getting back together with her baby daddy Future for just that reason…she doesn’t […]

Celebrity News

So apparently Erica Dixon has been rumored to be toying around with Lil Scrappy again! According to Eben Gregory Erica addressed the rumors in a recent interview! Check it out below!     Hmmmm….did she actually say NO I am not messing around with Scrap? We don’t know…we sort of think these two may always have […]