Show: Bad Girls Club When: The Bad Girls Show premiered in December, 2006 and is presently airing its 8th Season Who: Season 1 :Zara Sprankle, Ripsi Terzian, Aimee Landi, Leslie Ramsue, Ty Colliers, Jodie Howell, Kerry Harvick, Joanna Hernandez, DeAnn Witt, Andrea Laing Season 2: Tanisha Thomas, Sarah “Cordelia” Gitter, Hanna Thompson, Melissa “Lyric” Greene, […]

Reality TV star Natalie Nunn has decided that no guy is going to ruin her Valentine’s Day for her. There is no love like self-love, so she has rented a hotel room, ordered room service and ran a hot bath for her to enjoy on the solo tip. But how does it work out for […]

As the stockings are “hung by the chimney with care,” we at TheUrbanDaily are basking in Internet glory over the pure ratchetness that has surfaced over the year. We are taking a look back at these humorous, sometimes shocking instances over the next 12 days of Christmas so stay tuned! Where They Do That At? […]

When a reality television star realizes their five milliseconds of fame are almost depleted, they begin to get desperate to maintain some piece of the spotlight. The latest reality show cast member to try her hand at singing is Bad Girls Club 7 alum, Angie. She has delivered a clip for her single, “Baby, I’m […]

Priscilla and Angie duke it out on the second installment of the Bad Girls Club reunion! The old friends come to blows after Angie accuses Priscilla of talking and spread rumors about her. Shelly jumped in the middle of the rowdy ladies to try and break up the altercation but as we have seen on […]

Last night “The Bad Girls Club,” season 7, wrapped with a fight between Shelly and Nastasia. The feud had been brewing for weeks and reached the boiling point on the last day of the Bad Girl Club. in New Orleans Nastasia caught Shelly while she was sitting down and pummeled her face with punches. […]

After watching Shelly bully Judy for several episodes I don’t really feel bad about her getting punched in the face! Judy went down swinging after Shelly busted into her confessional session to start with her!After some hair pulling and weak throws the girls were separated! Do White People Only Eat Boneless Chicken? [Bad Girls Club […]

As if the Bad Girls Club series couldn’t get any more ignorant, the lovely ladies down in New Orleans found themselves engaged in a serious debate about which chicken (boneless or otherwise) white people (trailer park and otherwise) prefer! While you may be shaking your head thinking does this argument have any basis or validation, […]

The New Orleans bad girls are back at the drama on episode two of the popular Oxygen series! Once again Judy got too drunk for her own good and wound up being thrown to the floor for her loud mouth and drunken antics! She was even escorted out the club by a bouncer after her […]

Bad Girls Club season 7 in New Orleans kicks off with cereal fight for the ages! The Oxygen reality show promotes fighting and bickering between female roommates who hate each other for no apparent reason. Things get heated when a cast member is “served” breakfast in bed… Nikki & WillMarie Fight Topless On Bad Girls […]

Perez Hilton hosted part 1 of The Bad Girls Club 6 reunion last night on Oxygen! Anticipation was high as everyone tuned in to see what fights and arguments would unfold. Good thing Char was such a “heartless b*tch,” otherwise the reunion would have been boring. Kori and Jessica were bitter about a friendship with […]

Last night on season 6 of the Oxygen channel’s Bad Girls Club, Nikki and WillMarie got into a topless fist fight! This was the second fight between the two since WillMarie aka “The Replacement” came into the house. This may have been one of the better fights on the reality show since it was a […]