When out at industry events, I’ve come across actors who have said it takes a smart actor to play a dumb person on-screen. So if we apply that concept to other types of movies, we can say it takes a really lively and vivacious actress to expertly take on a dark and heavy role […]

  Pastors from around the nation are speaking out about the “war on drugs” according to The Huffington Post. They are specifically addressing  the toll that it has taken on the African American community. During a conference call dubbed “View from the Pulpit: Faith Leaders and Drug Decriminalization,” that was held at American Baptist College in Nashville, […]

  When shopping in certain areas of Detroit, you better make sure you are looking around for cameras, but we don’t mean surveillance cameras, we mean cell phone cameras. As you will see in the report filed by Andrea Isom of Fox 2 News – Detroit, black party store patrons have been finding pictures of themselves with […]