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Regardless of how many Black friends you have, whether or not you intended to offend anyone, or how clever you might think you're being...Do. Not. Do. Blackface. Ever.

Celebrity News

  According to TMZ, actress Julianne Hough decided it would be cool to go to a costume party in blackface. We don’t know if this was Julianne’s idea of being “Footloose” and fancy free or not but whomever told this girl that blackface was a good idea for any reason danced her into a corner […]

A traditional Christmas celebration in The Netherlands is causing quite a stir in the black community. They have a holiday called Sinterklaas. In Dutch folklore, this is St. Nicholas’ day of feast. Along with St. Nick, people dress up as his servant Zwart Piet, which translates to Black Pete. Lots of Dutch folk dressed up […]

Beyonce got black faced for L’Offciel Magazine. The spread is causing some controversy for it’s 90th issue. The African themed spread depicts Bey with “blackened skin,” symbolizing her getting back to her roots. Do you find this to be offensive or just artistic? Beyonce News: Beyoncé To Headline Glastonbury Festival In UK Beyonce & Jay-Z Eat […]

It takes quite a bit to steal the spotlight from Nicki Minaj’s purple-painted posterior. But that is exactly what The Black Eyed Peas pulled off at the 2010 VMAs when he came out looking like Snake Eyes and Gumby’s love child.