Sanaa Lathan gave her candid opinions about the way Black actors are regarded in Hollywood.

Porscha Coleman is all in our face and we like it. The L.A. based multi-hyphenate has embarked on a new endeavor as an on-air personality for Fox’s new show, “Hollywood Today Live.” The interactive entertainment news show  features interviews with celebrity guests, live performances and playful banter with an eye to what is trending on […]


At a recent luncheon celebrating the 2014 Oscar nominees, a group of A-list stars, directors, sound mixers and more gathered round a life-size model of…

Charles S. Dutton and Dennis Haysbert sat down with ReelBlackTV to talk about their new film, “Luv” starring Common. The Hollywood veterans offer advice to aspiring filmmakers. “Luv” is the first feature film by director Sheldon Candis. RELATED: Common: We Need To Stop The Cycle Of Raising Broken, Misguided Black Men! [EXCLUSIVE] In addition to having a […]

Samuel L. Jackson is sitting on the top of the world, so to speak.  It’s late Sunday morning, and after wrapping up an intense press conference for “Django Unchained,” Jackson is ready to hold court for interviews on the top floor of a luxurious suite at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.  Feet propped up on the coffee […]

“Cloud Atlas” is an ambitious, 3-hour epic based on the novel by British author David Mitchel. In the film audiences follow the lives of several characters across different lifetimes as their souls attempt to fulfill their destiny.  Hollywood veteran Keith David takes on four different personas as Kupaka, Joe Napier, An-kor Apis and Prescient as […]


Pop quiz–name a Black filmmaker with a major studio distribution deal in their back pocket.  If Tyler Perry is the only name you came up with, add Will Packer to the list. As co-founder of Rainforest Films (with partner Rob Hardy), Packer has been quietly upending the status quo of black films, producing projects that […]

When people talk about Black Hollywood, it’s always about how we have to fight and struggle to land noteworthy roles. However, we need to be honest with ourselves. Some of the movies we push our community to see films that don’t live up to the hype. Our friends at felt similar to us and […]

Black actors were not ignored in the 2012 nominations for Oscars!

Tune in to an all new episode of “Cinema In Noir” for the latest in film and casting news, hosted by Candice Frederick, Kimberly Renee, and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon.  Our topics include: (1:50 minute mark) FILM Reviews: KINYARWANDA, SHAME and THE MUPPETS (16:30 minute mark) Casting News: TLC biopic on VH1, Forest Whitaker and Common (22:35 […]

When Steve Harvey published his relationship book “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” men everywhere gave him the collective side-eye. After becoming a best-seller the book has now been turned into a movie starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ely, Tariji P. Henson, Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union, Terrence J and many more. Watch the trailer […]

Heavy D will be remembered by many music fans for his classic songs like “Don’t Curse”, “Now That We’ve Found Love” and “Mr. Big Stuff.” But Dwight Myers was one of the first rappers to make the leap to Hollywood. The Jamaican born artist put his hometown of Mt. Vernon on the map musically but […]