black santa claus

Anyone paying attention to the Nelson Mandela memorial service which was attended by pretty much every one of the most important world leaders knows that there was a sign language interpreter who was doing a whole lot while on the stage. That gentlemen was later found to be a fraud! SNL took aim at both […]

Fox News has been on the hot seat for their reporting about Santa Claus and Jesus being white and nothing else. Well, Jon Stewart had something to say about that! Check out one of the most brilliant rants in all of rantdom below! Umm, yep, that will just about do it! Any questions? Somehow we thought […]

In the next episode of “The Unwritten Rules,” Racey’s co-workers start tripping when she decorates her cubicle with a Black Santa Claus named Leroy. Watch more Black web series on Finding My Obama: A Web Series About Finding Mr. Right Office Politics: Should You Always Contribute To The Gift? [VIDEO] What Happens When You […]