After dropping his Evitan group project with Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest in 2012, Dres of Black Sheep is back on his solo grind. The hip-hop vet just released a new video for the cut “We Can All Share” which features cameos by some of hip-hop’s legends like Grandmaster Caz and Kool Herc. Easily […]

Somewhere on the outskirts of New York a hip-hop moment twenty years in the making is about to commence. It’s the kind of frosty, January night that inspired the uncompromising verses and beats that defined an era: “Escuchela La ciudad respirando….” In one part of town a leader of hip-hop’s new school, 9th Wonder, is holding a […]

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Wow! According to Dres of Black Sheep and Evitan fame spoke out on Kanye’s music and the message that it sends the black community. He took to his Twitter page and spoke his mind. Check out what he had to say below! Kanye West does not like black people…. drops mic.. makes coffee besides […]

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Harlem has a legacy for keeping things classy, but for the crowd at the Marian Anderson Theater on Friday, March 2nd Uptown had a more metropolitan feel than usual. Ten blocks north of 125th street, ladies and gentlemen sat in the tasteful auditorium while a full orchestral like band– including a full horn section, piano, […]

Dres of Black Sheep and Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest have lent their voices to the Occupy Wall Street movement with the new song and video, “P.T.I. (Occupy Wall Street).” “The 99% need to have not just a voice, but voices,” Dres said on what inspired he and Jarobi to write the song. “We […]

In 1991 Andres “Dres” Titus killed more people in a minute and thirty seconds than most gangster rappers do on an entire album. On the intro to their classic album A Wolf In Sheep’s clothing, “You Mean I’m Not” Dres walked us through a murderous dream where a broken egg yoke is a crime punishable […]

In an interview with TheUrbanDaily, Dres of Black Sheep clarified our earlier report that implied he was upset with KIA Motors. A commercial featuring his hit song “The Choice Is Yours” has many hip-hop fans wondering if he had a hand in it or was at least getting paid for it.

Dres from Black Sheep has always been the type of guy to get people “ahead of the curve.” With a few days left until it’s time to vote, the New York emcee proves that during this critical political time, the choice is truly yours… sincerely. Watch the video after the jump.