Are you an avid fan of ACTION and SCI-FI movies? If so, then you’ve come to the right spot. Check out ALL ABOUT ACTION AND SCI-FI MOVIES! Share your interests, likes and dislikes on everything from Matrix to Fast and Furious to the new Hancock flick. Enjoy! Speaking of Hancock, check out his BlackPlanet page […]

How does technology influence the way you live today and in the future? The answer is easy when you consider most of the conveniences we take for granted as basic necessities today were not in existence 100 years ago or less. BP_Future_Tech_Group is the profile page to submit your ideas and comments on what interests […]

The <a title="BlackPlanet Group" href="">Fans of Ole Skool</a> group on BlackPlanet features over 12,000 members to share your love of classic R&B music with.

Who has the hottest kicks? If you think you do, you might have some serious competition.