You don’t have to have the radio on for more than five minutes before Nicki Minaj is asking for “Your Love”, Drake is asking to “Find Your Love” and Trey Songz is talking about those “Love Faces” you used to make.  With so much play time, these artists are obviously having a monstrously good time […]

BlackPlanet group, Afro Punk, allows you to be who you really are. Come join this group to vibe with other people who enjoy Afro Punk and other things related to the music and the people. You can join the group here. BlackPlanet member, MELANIN7, Overstands The Stresses Of Time Erotic Author, Allison Hobbs, Has Some […]

Welcome to The World of Black Art, where the focus is on the beauty and diversity of black art. The group has been in existence for almost 3 years now and showcases people’s talent. Check out the group, join and peep the artistic values of fellow members. You can join the group here. BlackPlanet member, […]

It’s that time again!!!  Enjoy some of these posts you may have overlooked while enjoying the great content on the site!! Barbie Recall: The 10 Most Absurd Lyrics From Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Four Web Sites To Buy Hard-To-Find Black Movies Lavell Crawford on Eating Tsunamis [Daily Laugh] C’mon SON 20: Raz-B, George Bush, Mc […]

BlackPlanet member, Eric Leach, is an author who has just released a book named, 19: The Nomadic Journeys of a Complex Young Man. This Atlanta native has a website that you can purchase his book from, which is listed on his page. You can check out his profile here to find out all about him […]

The Artist Lounge group allows ALL artists of ALL genres to participate and display and show off your talent in any artistic form. So if you are a poet, writer, author, lyricist, musician, reader or just fans of any artist, then join this group! Spotlight: BlackPlanet Member, Positively Mimi Dallas Cowboy Fans Only You Mean […]

With the current NBA season in full effect, the NBA Action group is as well! Join this group to speak to others about who your favorite players are, who do you think will win the championship or give your input into the success or lack of success of the LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris […]

This may seem like a cruel joke considering The Dallas Cowboys current 1-7 record on the year. But, fans are fans. Despite the bad season this team is having, the dialogue in the group, Dallas Cowboy Fan, is still moving and if you ARE a true Dallas Cowboys fan, don’t hide now! Join the group […]

Every generation makes claim that music isn’t as good as it was in previous years, so a group such as Fans Of Ole Skool will always have relevance because there is no timetable when it comes to old school music. Come join the group here to see if your tastes match with other like-minded people […]