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Lester Holt was originally scheduled to sit in the NBC Nightly News anchor chair for six months while Brian Williams served out his suspension, according…

Brian Williams, the NBC News anchor who has come under scrutiny for falsified reports on Iraq, has been suspended from the network for six months without pay. Williams served as the show’s managing editor, in addition to being anchor. Deborah Turness, president of NBC News, said in a memo to the New York Times, that Brian […]

Prominent news journalist Brian Williams has a new career on the horizon thanks to Jimmy Fallon. The “NBC Nightly News” anchor has been turned into a rap sensation due to some quick editing over at “The Tonight Show.” Williams was a guest on the late night talk show where he made one minor correction to […]

Newscaster Brian Williams has been mentioned in quite a few late night shows monologues. Arsenio Hall went in on Williams during his show on Tuesday night after Williams neglected to include Hall in a news piece about the new crop of late night show hosts. Hall went and got Suge Knight to jokingly threaten Williams […]

  Jimmy Fallon and his crew are a mess! Check out the hilarious video they put together of NBC News Anchor Brian Williams rhymin to  “Nuthin’ But A G Thang” by Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre. They literally took a kabillion different clips of Williams doing the nightly news cast and glued all the little clips […]

The Game has plans to sign with Cash Money once his deal with Interscope ends. He says he has been tight with the Cash Money, Young Money camp since NBA player Baron Davis days with the New Orleans Hornets. Baron Davis is the godfather to The Game’s son and the rapper got tight with Birdman […]