A former guard at Rikers Island may sue after she was terminated for allegedly spying on rapper Lil Wayne.

Before the syrup, dental surgeries, jail time, baby mamas, and platinum records, Lil Wayne was known as Baby D.

From Missinfo.tv MTVNews got this clip from DJ Scoob’s ongoing Young Money footage…in this clip Birdman and Slim head to their private jet and talk about visiting Lil Wayne in jail….

Lil Wayne  has been barred from signing autographs while serving his one-year bid in Rikers Island.

Last night at Lil’ Wayne’s last (?) going-away party before checking in at Rikers Island tomorrow, Birdman showed off 4 more star tattoos on his head.

Turk, of the Cash Money Records group the Hot Boys recently sent out a message informing media outlets that his younger brother had been gunned down in New Orleans early this morning.

  Looks like Weezy really needed that dental surgery after all…

Entrepreneurs and Cash Money CEOs Bryan “Baby” and Ronald “Slim” Williams are moving their skills to a new venture in Bronald Oil & Gas, an independent company centered on identifying and using gas and oil reserves.