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When you’re a new artist breaking into the business, you hope to one day get a chance to work with your idols. Well, how does one progress when they’ve worked with their idol before anyone even knows their name? Such has been the case for powerhouse singer LiV Warfield. She released her Sade-inspired debut “Embrace […]

    Quick pop quiz –name the last time you saw an epic Black female biopic on the big screen?  Since Angela Bassett’s Oscar-nominated “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Black women’s stories seem to be almost invisible. But with the arrival of “Belle,” director Amma Asante has finally given us a heroine worth […]

Despite more artists blurring the lines between musical genres, we live in a world where labels are a necessity. Chicago-born singer/songwriter Jesse Boykins III doesn’t subscribe to those ideals. In fact he loathes labels and classifications of music and art in general. He continues to push his brand of R&B/soul into the next frontier by […]

Tech N9ne is not satisfied. Despite leading a diverse roster of multi-talented artists with all the money, power and respect that years in the game and an awesome catalog have earned him, the MC is still after one simple thing. “I’m still working on my people, black folks,” the Strange Music CEO says in earnest. “I’m doing […]

When you’re an artist in the music game, you will always have hot and cold streaks. Ask anybody around you and they will tell you when you’re hot, everybody wants you. When you’re cold, everyone thinks you’re dead. Well, maybe not to that extreme, but it’s somewhere close. Atlanta rapper turned reality star Yung Joc […]

Tahiry Jose knows what boys like. The curvy video model and reality TV star has spent years as an object of  men’s desires in general and even one rapper in particular. Part of her seductive resume has been a series of revealing “Intimacy” calendars featuring the native New Yorker in all states of undress. She […]

Reality television is a double-edged sword. While it does continue to flood our minds and television with ratchet actions of celebrities and their respective entourages, it can also tie you an inside look at the struggles of everyday people who happen to have a little recognition. Such is the case in  the life of former […]

Once upon a time rapper YG was on his Latarian Milton sh*t, doing hoodrat things with his friends. The 24-year-old Compton California native born Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson left a sizable footprint in the rap music landscape with his debut album, “My Krazy Life.” Thanks to hit records like “Toot It and Boot It,”  “Who Do You […]

Hip-Hop has not been an easy road for Amethyst Amelia Kelly, better known as Iggy Azalea. What started off as a dream signing to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label and a spot as the first female on “XXL” magazine’s Freshman cover in 2012 wound up as a war of words with fellow rookie Azalea Banks, her boss […]

NWA co-founder Ice Cube still has plenty of attitude, but nowadays he saves most it for the cameras. When he’s not terrorizing cans of beer or keeping bad ass kids in check, he’s on your big screen chasing down the criminal elements he used to rap about. In January of this year his latest movie […]

Grammy-nominated producer, label exec and rapper Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie knows a thing or two about competition between MCs. The onetime leader of Bad Boy Records Hitmen production team had a front row seat to some of hip-hop’s biggest sparring matches and all-out brawls. Not only did he witness two of the greatest to ever rap–Jay […]

Actor Terry Crews has enjoyed a 15-year acting career. He got his start in the entertainment business by being a security guard on film sets. His break came when a friend invited him to tag along to an audition. While Crews wasn’t planning on auditioning, he did and landed his first part on a TV […]